Success Stories

We've seen people overcome so many health challenges... Here are just a few reviews, stories, and testimonials from some of our patients. Will you be next?

I tried absolutely everything to help with my digestive issues and constant fatigue. Over the last 6 months since starting treatment, I feel healthier than I ever have.


I had brain fog and fatigue for years, with no answers from my doctors. Jessica knew exactly what was going on with me, and I’ve been feeling so much better lately. Thank you so much!


They really take their time walking me through my healing process. I’m grateful to have found this place.


I first came in for my arm pain, and now I bring my whole family here.


Jessica and Brett are kind people with big hearts. Jessica helped my daughter with her acne problem of 3 years. We highly recommend!


They fixed my shoulder in just 6 treatments. I was previously told I needed surgery.


Amazing space for healing!


I drive in weekly from Cheyenne for acupuncture with Brett and herbs from Jessica. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


I’m feeling way less stressed, and I no longer wind up curled up in a ball for two days each month.


Let’s just say...hot flashes out of control, mood swings left and right, trouble sleeping, crying all the time, not sleeping. I started working with Jessica, found hope, found balance, finding health. Calling them was the best decision.


I feel so much more relaxed and less anxious when on my herbs.


Jessica helped my husband recover from his PTSD that he had since coming home from serving in Iraq.


After a long period of time, where is seemed that every interaction was a fight or an argument. I feel like I finally have my son back.


I have no idea what’s in these herbs. I don’t ask, I just take them, and my wife says they are working.


It is very cool here. I like listening to Harry Potter at acupuncture with Brett Age 10